Save Victoria's Connection with Sustainable Native Timbers.

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What is the Petition For?

This petition is asking the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change - The Hon Lilian D'Ambrosio to:

Provide for ecologically sustainable production of hardwood timber in state forest, with a focus on high value products; and,

Attain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for all VicForests timber harvesting operations across Victoria.

Old Growth Otway Ranges James Kidman

Good intentions miss the mark.

Government Plans are out of Touch.

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Plantation Harvesting Otway Ranges Victoria Australia Photo Otway Tonewoods

Plantations: saviour or silver lining?




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Instrument veneer offcuts

Important statistics

Intermediate disturbance creates highest biodiversity

Drop top veneers for electric guitars Victorian Blackwood

Lies and an abandoned election promise

Customers value local and sustainable

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Losing a Cultural Connection

Losing an allegory for the future

Plan for the future

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